Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Let Your Light So Shine...

Sent 10/27/2014

Bikes! We finally got bikes yesterday! And it was horrible. I was never a big biker and probably never will be after this transfer (that is, if we actually get a car next transfer). But who knew that bikes would really work your thigh muscles and your cardio?

So last night, we decided to take our bikes for a ride. We forgot that it's October and that it's getting colder and colder at night. But, that's besides the point (my mother will remind me once again to bundle up as I go biking). On our way to the appointment, it was all downhill - it was a breeze, absolutely wonderful. But the way back was probably the night I should've died considering the high altitude, my lack of athleticism, and my inability to ride a bike well enough. Sister Moala and I got home and we could barely walk down the stairs. I lied on my bed as I writhed in pain. It was great.

As for the work, it's fantabulous, I rejoice in my heart every single day. Two weeks ago, we met a man named David on our way to these apartment buildings. Now, this apartment complex is practically Aurora in that everyone who lives there lives in incredibly humble circumstances and that the area may or may not be sketchy. BUT, we talked to David about our message of Jesus Christ. It's a message that brings hope and purpose to our lives all because of what we have to say. He accepted and we set up an appointment to see him again.

So we met with him and it was a great lesson! He wants to read the scriptures, learn how to pray, come to church, AND be baptized! It was phenomenal! He wasn't the brightest fellow so we weren't sure of how much he comprehended, but we knew that he understood our words with his heart.

That night, we received a text from David...professing his love...for...Wen. Holy, he was talking to me. He proceeded to send two other texts within the hour talking about my eyes and my lips...but no more details. I didn't respond. A couple of nights later, we texted him telling him that we got a ride for him to church. He replied Sunday morning indicating that he can't make it to church.

Sunday night comes along and he texts us again. "You don't have to drop by anymore. I have my own church. Sorry. David." It killed me. So, now we're not entirely sure if he's just temporarily hurt by my silent rejection or if he only accepted our message because of...the light that shines from our spirits.

So, that happens when you get transferred to such an area #adventurous

Hope you all have an adventurous week as well!

Sister Wen

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