Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Let Your Light So Shine...

Sent 10/27/2014

Bikes! We finally got bikes yesterday! And it was horrible. I was never a big biker and probably never will be after this transfer (that is, if we actually get a car next transfer). But who knew that bikes would really work your thigh muscles and your cardio?

So last night, we decided to take our bikes for a ride. We forgot that it's October and that it's getting colder and colder at night. But, that's besides the point (my mother will remind me once again to bundle up as I go biking). On our way to the appointment, it was all downhill - it was a breeze, absolutely wonderful. But the way back was probably the night I should've died considering the high altitude, my lack of athleticism, and my inability to ride a bike well enough. Sister Moala and I got home and we could barely walk down the stairs. I lied on my bed as I writhed in pain. It was great.

As for the work, it's fantabulous, I rejoice in my heart every single day. Two weeks ago, we met a man named David on our way to these apartment buildings. Now, this apartment complex is practically Aurora in that everyone who lives there lives in incredibly humble circumstances and that the area may or may not be sketchy. BUT, we talked to David about our message of Jesus Christ. It's a message that brings hope and purpose to our lives all because of what we have to say. He accepted and we set up an appointment to see him again.

So we met with him and it was a great lesson! He wants to read the scriptures, learn how to pray, come to church, AND be baptized! It was phenomenal! He wasn't the brightest fellow so we weren't sure of how much he comprehended, but we knew that he understood our words with his heart.

That night, we received a text from David...professing his love...for...Wen. Holy, he was talking to me. He proceeded to send two other texts within the hour talking about my eyes and my lips...but no more details. I didn't respond. A couple of nights later, we texted him telling him that we got a ride for him to church. He replied Sunday morning indicating that he can't make it to church.

Sunday night comes along and he texts us again. "You don't have to drop by anymore. I have my own church. Sorry. David." It killed me. So, now we're not entirely sure if he's just temporarily hurt by my silent rejection or if he only accepted our message because of...the light that shines from our spirits.

So, that happens when you get transferred to such an area #adventurous

Hope you all have an adventurous week as well!

Sister Wen

Monday, October 27, 2014

OCtober 20, 2014

Sent 10/20/2014

Still no bikes. So we've been walking. BUT, luckily, this coming week will be nice and sunny!

This first week of sweeping hasn't been great but hasn't been horrible either (you know what I mean?). Considering how we don't have car nor a bike, it's been good because we met and talked with many people and invited everyone to come unto Christ like crazy #likeaboss

On the other hand, neither of us don't know the area so it's taken us a while to realize it may take 30-60 minutes to travel from one place to another. The members here are great, though. Many of them have offered to drive us (and we take it!). The people here are in a little bit more humble circumstances in comparison to Parker. People are actually receptive to us when we talk with them on the street! AND many people haven't seen missionaries before nor have they heard of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints before. It's definitely a change!

The first people I talked to in Arvada were these three 18-20 year-old boys working on a car outside an apartment building. We talked to them about Jesus Christ, who He is and why the message we share can help them improve their lives. One of them opened up about how he wants to turn his life around. He'd missed his job orientation that morning and was signed up to take anger-management classes. He wanted to hear more about this message that we knew would help him through it all.

It is just so cool to have these 18 months to testify of my Savior and my Redeemer. Jesus is the Christ. He's helped me in ways that no one could ever have. And to think that I'm reaching halfway through my mission on Wednesday is craaaaazy. I only have so little time to be an authorized representative of Jesus Christ to teach people the full truth of the gospel 24/7 (even in my dreams I'm street contacting). This is life!


Sister Wen

Friday, October 17, 2014


Sent 10/13/2014

I've been transferred! To: Arvada! The best part? With: SISTER MOALA! I'm not sure if I've ever talked about her before, but I knew Sister Moala about 6 months ago during my first transfer in Parker. She was serving in a neighboring ward. About 7 1/2 months ago, when Sister Billings first started in Newlin Meadows, S.Bills had to be in trio companionships in other wards. And one of those trios happened to have Sister Moala in it. They're like best frands and I ended up being best frands with Sister Moala as well.

Funky name, you ask? Well, she's from Tonga #polycomp #allieverwanted

But I couldn't have asked for a better companion at this time. We are "sweeping" our new ward in Arvada, which means we are both new to the ward. Turns out, this ward had 2 sets of elders for a long while but, now, we're replacing a set! They haven't had sisters in over 15 years! So, once again, I'm the new sister! (It brings back memories of being the first sisters in 7 years in the Parkview Ward, my first area! Unfortunately, this transfer, sisters were taken out of the Parkview Ward, my "birthplace". I guess they had sisters there for however long they needed.)

Oh, and another funny thing I should add....WE'RE ON BIKE. In other words, I will have ripped thigh muscles. I will also be freezing to death like every day as we go more into Fall. So this will be interesting.

But last Friday, all the missionaries in the mission were able to watch Meet the Mormons at a stake center. They did show it at the local AMC theater in Parker and it was sold OUT! Apparently it was just PACKED with people in the theater and the employees were confused that everyone came out just to watch the documentary about Mormons. Heh.

But, it surrounds 6 individuals: a bishop in Atlanta, a head football coach for the U.S. Navy in Maryland, a female boxer in Costa Rica, a WWII veteran (widely known as the "candy bomber"), a humanitarian from Nepal, and a mother of a missionary in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was very well done. If you like documentary-type movies, you WILL love Meet the Mormons. It's inspiring and it opens your eyes to who these "Mormons" are throughout the world. Look up where it's playing near you then watch it!

Anyway, I'm excited for this new transfer coming up. We are going to work and we are going to have fun.

Sister Wen

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

It's the Future I Can See (That's so Sister Wen)

Sent 10/6/14

Shout-out to all the missionaries in the field or preparing to go into the field. You are fantastic. Keep it up.

Also, shout-out to those returned missionaries who are now engaged and prepared to take on the covenant with an eternal companion and with Heavenly Father. (You know who you are.)

Even though I know I'm leaving the area next Monday for transfers, I am determined to act upon this area as for years. I don't want to be, as missionaries have coined, "area trunkie" and hinder the work just because I know I'm leaving. I was inspired by this talk, Act upon This Land as for Years by Dennis C. Gaunt, to keep working until the very end. SO, we just began really working with the youth.

The youth of the church are the future generations of carrying on this gospel to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people as it's prophecied throughout the Bible. It really all began with my last companion, Sister Billings and I began teaching this young woman the missionary discussions to help her get more familiar with the doctrine of Jesus Christ. She said, at that time, that she was thinking about going on a mission. But after teaching her for at least a month now, I asked her again if she's still thinking about going on a mission. She said, "Yes, definitely. I'm gonna serve a mission."

So, we will begin, during my last week here in Parker, teaching the youth these missionary lessons. This will not only prepare them for a mission, if they have the desire to serve one, but it will prepare them for the Second Coming of Christ. Two birds with one stone!

So, to the youth, you are great. You are fantastic. Satan and his loyal followers will try very hard to thwart the work and to stop it from progressing. And by so doing, he will attack you with false notions about your divine nature, your beliefs, and your God. He will try to make you doubt. Doubt. Doubt. That's a funny word. But, yes, he will try to make you doubt everything you know to be true and everything you hold true to your heart. But, press on. Build your testimony, as our prophets and leaders advised us over this past General Conference weekend. Build it so that you can be a true disciple of Christ and show your true potential as a child of God.

There are so many instances where God shows His love for us, but when can we show our love for Him?

Sister Wen

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Know Ye Not that Ye are the Temple of God?

Sent on 9/29/14

We speak to God through prayer, which I've been using a lot lately. You will never stand taller than when you are on your knees. But God speaks to us in many ways. Through His holy scriptures, through His prophets, through His Spirit....There are many ways! I'm grateful for the fact that we get to listen to our prophet this weekend in General Conference. Listen to what God has to say online at or on TV via BYUtv. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to listen to the words of the prophets and His chosen leaders so that I may feel comfort, love, peace, and guidance through times of difficulty and even times of joy.

We went on exchanges on Saturday and to Clarke Farms with Sister Hunter. It was fantabulous! It almost was a nice refresher on what missionary work really is: it's inviting others to come unto Christ.

The General Women's Broadcast was equally as enjoyable. One of the greatest things I learned from the speakers was from Sister Neill F, Marriott. It is our duty to share this light that we have, this simple knowledge of the gospel with others. Our purpose is to bring people to eternal glory, to their divine potential. The purpose of temples is to allow people to obtain the covenants necessary to live with their Father in Heaven again. Therefore, our purpose as disciples of Christ is the same purpose as the temples here on Earth today! We are literally temples of God!

"Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?" (1 Corinthians 3:16).

We are temples. Learn about temples and why we have temples here. Also, look for a temple that's being constructed near you because before it's dedicated for its purpose, the public is welcome to look inside! That's everyone!

I'm so grateful that I can be a full-time missionary teaching people about the full gospel of Jesus Christ. It's a privilege to be able to do that.

Sister Wen