Friday, October 17, 2014


Sent 10/13/2014

I've been transferred! To: Arvada! The best part? With: SISTER MOALA! I'm not sure if I've ever talked about her before, but I knew Sister Moala about 6 months ago during my first transfer in Parker. She was serving in a neighboring ward. About 7 1/2 months ago, when Sister Billings first started in Newlin Meadows, S.Bills had to be in trio companionships in other wards. And one of those trios happened to have Sister Moala in it. They're like best frands and I ended up being best frands with Sister Moala as well.

Funky name, you ask? Well, she's from Tonga #polycomp #allieverwanted

But I couldn't have asked for a better companion at this time. We are "sweeping" our new ward in Arvada, which means we are both new to the ward. Turns out, this ward had 2 sets of elders for a long while but, now, we're replacing a set! They haven't had sisters in over 15 years! So, once again, I'm the new sister! (It brings back memories of being the first sisters in 7 years in the Parkview Ward, my first area! Unfortunately, this transfer, sisters were taken out of the Parkview Ward, my "birthplace". I guess they had sisters there for however long they needed.)

Oh, and another funny thing I should add....WE'RE ON BIKE. In other words, I will have ripped thigh muscles. I will also be freezing to death like every day as we go more into Fall. So this will be interesting.

But last Friday, all the missionaries in the mission were able to watch Meet the Mormons at a stake center. They did show it at the local AMC theater in Parker and it was sold OUT! Apparently it was just PACKED with people in the theater and the employees were confused that everyone came out just to watch the documentary about Mormons. Heh.

But, it surrounds 6 individuals: a bishop in Atlanta, a head football coach for the U.S. Navy in Maryland, a female boxer in Costa Rica, a WWII veteran (widely known as the "candy bomber"), a humanitarian from Nepal, and a mother of a missionary in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was very well done. If you like documentary-type movies, you WILL love Meet the Mormons. It's inspiring and it opens your eyes to who these "Mormons" are throughout the world. Look up where it's playing near you then watch it!

Anyway, I'm excited for this new transfer coming up. We are going to work and we are going to have fun.

Sister Wen

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