Wednesday, October 8, 2014

It's the Future I Can See (That's so Sister Wen)

Sent 10/6/14

Shout-out to all the missionaries in the field or preparing to go into the field. You are fantastic. Keep it up.

Also, shout-out to those returned missionaries who are now engaged and prepared to take on the covenant with an eternal companion and with Heavenly Father. (You know who you are.)

Even though I know I'm leaving the area next Monday for transfers, I am determined to act upon this area as for years. I don't want to be, as missionaries have coined, "area trunkie" and hinder the work just because I know I'm leaving. I was inspired by this talk, Act upon This Land as for Years by Dennis C. Gaunt, to keep working until the very end. SO, we just began really working with the youth.

The youth of the church are the future generations of carrying on this gospel to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people as it's prophecied throughout the Bible. It really all began with my last companion, Sister Billings and I began teaching this young woman the missionary discussions to help her get more familiar with the doctrine of Jesus Christ. She said, at that time, that she was thinking about going on a mission. But after teaching her for at least a month now, I asked her again if she's still thinking about going on a mission. She said, "Yes, definitely. I'm gonna serve a mission."

So, we will begin, during my last week here in Parker, teaching the youth these missionary lessons. This will not only prepare them for a mission, if they have the desire to serve one, but it will prepare them for the Second Coming of Christ. Two birds with one stone!

So, to the youth, you are great. You are fantastic. Satan and his loyal followers will try very hard to thwart the work and to stop it from progressing. And by so doing, he will attack you with false notions about your divine nature, your beliefs, and your God. He will try to make you doubt. Doubt. Doubt. That's a funny word. But, yes, he will try to make you doubt everything you know to be true and everything you hold true to your heart. But, press on. Build your testimony, as our prophets and leaders advised us over this past General Conference weekend. Build it so that you can be a true disciple of Christ and show your true potential as a child of God.

There are so many instances where God shows His love for us, but when can we show our love for Him?

Sister Wen

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