Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Muracles in Amurica

Last Sunday, Sister Moala and I both had the faith that we would see miracles if we showed the Lord that we are willing to do whatever it takes to see the work build up here in Arvada. So we decided to fast.

And, guess what? He answers your prayers and your fasts.

Wednesday: We had an appointment with a recent convert in a nearby park on a beautiful, sunny day. We walked to the park and saw, from a distance, a Hispanic-American lady in her 40's talking with an elderly woman on a walker. As we approached them, we said, "Hi! How are you?" They hesitantly greeted us back, but then the lady noticed our name-tags and said, "Maybe God is finally answering my prayers." UHM YES, YES HE IS. "Can we sit down and talk?" UHM YES, YES WE CAN. We sat down at a pavilion where Jamie began to explain to us her situation. She has many difficult familial and financial problems and has been looking for guidance. Her father had her come to Arvada to take care of his mother, but some things happened and now she's car-less and phone-less and even afraid to walk into the house with her father at home. The recent convert drove by and picked us up to bring us to her home (because it was too windy). We taught her about our purpose as missionaries and how our message will help her and change her life. She was worried that the religion she was raised with isn't helping her anymore and concluded, "I really want to learn more about your religion."

Saturday: We contacted a friend that a senior in high school referred us to. And it was a miracle. We've been trying to work with the youth because the youth are the future generation of this church and of this world, really. Anyway, we knocked on her door and her mom greeted us. We asked if her daughter was there. She said yes, but she's sleeping. We told her we could try back another time. She immediately said no, she'll go see if she's okay to visit. We agreed and waited. Then the daughter came down and invited us in. We informed her that we could just set up an appointment if she's busy. She refused and wanted us to share our message with her that night. My heart LEAPED! We were like, holy, we will definitely do that! We taught her. She felt the Spirit, we felt the Spirit, we rejoiced and were edified, AND she accepted the invitation to be baptized on November 29.

Sunday: After sacrament meeting, two men approached us, one of them asking if we were the missionaries. For a moment, I thought I'd forgotten my tag because that's usually a really big indication that I am a missionary. But, the man referred us to the man standing next to him, who introduced himself to us. He explained how he'd just returned from a trip to Salt Lake City and toured Temple Square. He was so interested in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that he asked the sister missionaries there about where he could attend our service. They referred him to the location and time of the church service. I asked him why he's so interested. He replied, "I feel like I need to expand my spirituality. I know that's really broad, but it's the shortest way to explain it." We accepted the answer and referred him to the elders serving in our ward. And the man attended the remainder of the church meetings.

Develop faith + mighty prayer + action = Miracles.

Sister Wen

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