Monday, October 27, 2014

OCtober 20, 2014

Sent 10/20/2014

Still no bikes. So we've been walking. BUT, luckily, this coming week will be nice and sunny!

This first week of sweeping hasn't been great but hasn't been horrible either (you know what I mean?). Considering how we don't have car nor a bike, it's been good because we met and talked with many people and invited everyone to come unto Christ like crazy #likeaboss

On the other hand, neither of us don't know the area so it's taken us a while to realize it may take 30-60 minutes to travel from one place to another. The members here are great, though. Many of them have offered to drive us (and we take it!). The people here are in a little bit more humble circumstances in comparison to Parker. People are actually receptive to us when we talk with them on the street! AND many people haven't seen missionaries before nor have they heard of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints before. It's definitely a change!

The first people I talked to in Arvada were these three 18-20 year-old boys working on a car outside an apartment building. We talked to them about Jesus Christ, who He is and why the message we share can help them improve their lives. One of them opened up about how he wants to turn his life around. He'd missed his job orientation that morning and was signed up to take anger-management classes. He wanted to hear more about this message that we knew would help him through it all.

It is just so cool to have these 18 months to testify of my Savior and my Redeemer. Jesus is the Christ. He's helped me in ways that no one could ever have. And to think that I'm reaching halfway through my mission on Wednesday is craaaaazy. I only have so little time to be an authorized representative of Jesus Christ to teach people the full truth of the gospel 24/7 (even in my dreams I'm street contacting). This is life!


Sister Wen

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