Sunday, July 6, 2014

Coincidences? I think NOT!

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The other night we were teaching L, a 7 year-old girl who is preparing for her baptism. During our amazing lesson, her mother interrupted us to go find this girl's missing 3 year-old sister. She was just gone! Up and disappeared! We searched the house for her, the backyard, front yard, asked neighbors...the whole works. Then Sister Billings and I all of a sudden realized we were the only people in the house....The mother and L were gone! So we left the house and noticed the mother in the distance talking to someone. We walked towards them and saw a little half-naked, 3 year-old child running around the playground with her sister, L. (Then later their brother joined to wreak #havoc).

Turns out the mother was talking to a young man who was going door-to-door selling something. Turns out he was LDS! But he was still deciding whether he should serve a mission or not. He asked us why it seems that people in Parker seem very hostile towards salespeople. Sister Billings and I were like, *COUGH COUGH* UH HUH TELL US ABOUT IT. Try offering to say a prayer!

After our conversation with him, we returned to their home and the mother apologized for her runaway children. She asked us to share a message with her; she'd felt the need for a missionary visit just for her. Soooo Sister Billings and I had to come up with a quick message for her.

And a very simple scripture came to my mind: "And because he hath done this, my beloved brethren, have miracles ceased? Behold I say unto you, Nay; neither have angels ceased to minister unto the children of men" (Moroni 7:29).

I had no idea why I shared that scripture. But my thoughts were directing me to that scripture so I read it to her and bore a simple testimony. It was literally the Spirit telling me to share a simple scripture. And she cried. And, the whole time, my mind was being flooded with words and thoughts to share with her.

A couple of nights later, we had dinner with the same family. As we sat down to share another message, the mother thanked me for sharing that message the other night. She told me that even if I didn't know it, I'd helped her that night. She told me that even if I'm not seeing progress in finding investigators of the church, that I don't need to worry. She said I was able to at least touch her life and the lives of the members of the ward.

I told her it wasn't me; it was the Spirit.

So even if I haven't significantly built up the teaching pool since being here, at least I am able to still invite people to come unto Christ. Even if they are already members. Take the salesperson for example. Is it coincidence that the mother bumped into him and talked to him about serving a mission? Nope.

Seeds are being planted day by day and I may never see them harvest. All I know is that I'm trying my hardest to do His work.

Oh! And I wish the United States of America a very happy birthday #AMURICA

Sister Wen

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