Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fields of Sunshine and Butterflies!

(Sent July 21)

We both survived transfers! Both Sister Billings and I are staying here in Parkerrrrrr! This will be our third transfer together and everyone says there's something we need to learn from each other but I'm not sure what because we're like a power companionship.

But I do think it's the area that we need to learn from. I'm learning everyday!

Update on J: We haven't met with him for the past two weeks. His business trips take up the chunk of the week and then he got a call into work before our appointment last Friday. We encourage him to read the Book of Mormon frequently, but we're not entirely sure if he is. I'm sure he is, seeing as to how he's visiting his LDS friends on the side while on his business trips. He'll get there.

But, S. S is a referral from the Interwebz. Some missionaries are doing service for her friend and she requested service as well. We got out of our dinner appointment last Sunday and met a man with his daughter walking their dogs. He was very kind and friendly towards us and let us pet their dogs (cute little kids they were) whom they were fostering. We talked a little bit and parted ways. A couple days later, we met S to set up a time. But, (turn of events) S's husband was the man we met last Sunday!

From then on, both Sister Billings and I knew that something great's going to come from our service for S.

Faith and hope always succeed and lead to even more rewards like fields of sunshine and butterflies! That's how I see Colorado.


Sister Wen

P.S. Fun time this week: Sister Billings and I came up with a missionary-ized version of the Cup Song by Lulu and the Lampshades. In other words, we are brilliant.

To the mission president: I got my call up to the Denver North Mission
Two bags of luggage for the way
And I sure would like some sweet companions
And I'm leaving tomorrow, what d'you say?

When I'm there, when I'm there,
You're gonna love me when I'm there!
You're gonna love my diligence,
You're gonna love my obedience, oh
You're gonna love me when I'm there

#clever? Yes.

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