Monday, July 14, 2014


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So missionaries have fun all the time. When we talk about our daily routine, it seems pretty boring but, in reality, it's what you make of it.

Last Monday, after I emailed, I organized a water balloon fight with the other sisters in the zone. Only one other companionship showed up but it was still incredibly fun. I got wet from it.

Anyway, back to mish work. This past week has been pretty rough in terms of teaching but only up until the very last day of our week.

J's work has him going on business trips Sundays through Thursdays for the next few weeks sooooo that means we can only meet with him once a week (which is actually better than not at all). But, the worst of all, he won't be able to make it to church for the next couple of weeks.

So we went to church knowing that J wouldn't be there. We were talking with members, minding our business, when Sister S walks into the chapel with her neighbor, B! And for those of you who haven't read my past blog posts (which is probably most of you), B is a former investigator of the church! Since I've been here, I've only been able to meet with her once and that was almost 3 months ago. Work and vacation time came up so we haven't taught her any lessons since 3 months ago. But then she showed up at church! It was amazing!

During Sunday school and Relief Society, I saw her tearing up and wiping her eyes. The Spirit definitely testified to her as we talked about gospel topics. You can always count on the Spirit!

Not only that but some elders in another ward texted us with a referral from another zone, so we're going to contact her this week. I'll let you know what comes from that next week. Stay tuned! heh.

Sister Wen

P.S. Last night, my district leader told me he met someone that asked if he knows a "Sister Wen" (that's me, btw)....So, shout out to Nathan Oaks! It's a super small world!

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