Sunday, June 29, 2014

New Found Profession: Miracle Banking

(Sent June 23)

So last week, I talked about how Sister Billings and I changed our attitude and miracles began, right?

Well, lemme provide some examples from just this past week.

Last Monday, we had an appointment with D, who invited us back the Saturday previous. Turns out he's good friends with his neighbors who are members of the church so we invited them to join us. Apparently, he's been invited to take the missionary discussions since 2012, but never accepted...until now.

He told us that he's finally meeting with the missionaries because he wants to be more happy, more positive about life. I told him that he came to the right people! We taught him about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and by the end, he was very curious as to what the Book of Mormon is all about!

+1 heavenly addition to the Parker miracle bank.

Then, Tuesday morning, one of the Assistants to the Presidents (APs) called us. We thought that he was either bringing bad news to us or very bad news. He told us that some elders in some area other than Parker crashed their car and they needed a car. And they thought that they should take the car from the smallest area in the mission, namely, Newlin Meadows. They were going to take our car away.

Let's just say I was #speechless.

Sister Billings and I were beginning to think of how we were to rearrange our schedules to include walking from place to place. In the dead of heat. In Colorado, where civilization can't get any closer to the sun.

The next day at 10pm, the same AP called us again and told us...that we're keeping our car! Some sisters in Westminster offered to give up their car so we're keeping ours!

+1 heavenly addition to the miracle bank (thanks to the Westminster sisters)

Then we met with J last Wednesday and he casually mentioned that he broke up with his girlfriend, who had given him the ultimatum: her or the church. And he made his choice #freeagency

+1 to the Parker miracle bank.

Then, he said that this path feels right and that he's beginning to ignore all the emails that push him to doubt his feelings.

+1 to the miracle bank!

Then, yesterday, Brother M (his LDS friend who hosts our discussions at his home) asked him if he felt the Spirit at church. J said yes!

+1 to da miraclesssssss

Then Brother M asked him to say the prayer, and he accepted again! The second time he accepted and said a prayer out loud with us!

+infinity to muraclessssss, #letsbereal

So, all in all, I think the miracles add up to like an eternity of miracles, I'm pretty sure.

You might ask, however, why J isn't baptized already. He wants to finish the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price before baptism. We've explained to him that baptism isn't the end goal and he understands that clearly. He doesn't quite understand, however, that he can receive so much more from his studies after he's baptized and receives the gift of the Holy Ghost. Because that is the source of all our spiritual learning and growth - through the Holy Ghost!

So there's really nothing any of the missionaries can ever do that will make him choose baptism right at this moment. It is his own, personal choice as it always has been.


I am so grateful that I have the gift of the Holy Ghost to guide me, warn me, comfort me, and allows me to learn more about Christ and, ultimately, become more like Christ. I am so grateful for this opportunity I have to serve the Lord and experience miracles like these every single day. I owe it all up to my Father in Heaven, because coincidences don't happen. God's hand is always in the works.

Love you all!

Sister Wen

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