Sunday, February 2, 2014

Email home #2

(Sent February 1)

From one of the Sisters

Herro famiry!

I'm finally towards the end of my MTC training! I leave Monday morning at 3:30AM. Ugh. But, it's awesome. I've met almost all the sisters going to Denver (North) with us so it's going to be a missionary party on the plane! hehehe

K, hmm, what to write about. There's seriously so much that goes on in one week I can't remember it all!

We began teaching our TRC investigator (basically an someone who's hired to act as an investigator; sometimes they're real investigators, though; either way, we have to treat them like an actual investigator)! Sister Mills and I began with the Plan of Salvation because our investigator wanted to know the answers to the basic questions of "what is the purpose of life" or "why are we here" or "where on Earth did we come from" (except not really on Earth...see what I did there?). But whenever I teach the Plan of Salvation / the Plan of Happiness I always remember how I've lived such a privileged life because I've grown up with the gospel in my life. I already know the answers to those questions that seem to be the biggest, most profound questions of life simply because I was blessed with the word of God early in my life!

Here's out my first Sunday at the MTC/ on the mission went:
1. Last week, our entire branch (of less than 20 elders and sisters combined) were all asked to prepare a 5-minute talk on baptism and the Holy Ghost. I prepared a couple of bullet points. I had a weird feeling that I would need to be prepared.

2. That Sunday, I was asked to conduct, and Sister Mills and Sister Mount were asked to say the opening and closing prayers. So we all thought, OH, we're good. We won't be asked to talk. I thought they'd ask Sister Afeaki because her testimony of Christ's Atonement is super duper strong.

3. Anyway, when I made that realization, I was actually a bit disappointed I wasn't able to share my insights, but I got over it quickly. More relieved that I wouldn't have to talk in front of everyone.

4. Nevertheless, when Brother Merrill (member of our branch presidency) called my name to give a talk, my heart sank. It FROZE. I was freaking out on the inside though I kept my composure on the outside. You know that feeling? It's like, OOF, SO MANY FEELS ALL AT ONCE.

5. Yet, the talk went well. Let's just say, I used the guidance of the Holy Ghost a lot to help me talk about the Holy Ghost. Ha. I'm so funny.

The End. Feel free to write a storybook about it.

Then, some other day in class, Sister Mills and I read 1 Nephi chapter 1 with Brother Belliston, one of our teachers. Our goal for that 20 minutes was to write down what the Spirit tells us for each verse we read. The first chapter is always the chapter I kind of glean over because it's a chapter I've read one too many times. Yet, we were only able to get through one VERSE because the Spirit told us all so many different things to learn just from that one verse. It was amazing!

As for my district sisters, they're alright. EL OH EL, JUST KIDDING (I'm trying not to use acronyms but it's just so fitting....). I love them all. They're all so sweet and funny and it's great because we're all experiencing the beginning of a life of a missionary together.

Oh! Also, I saw Sister Alicia Warren who entered the MTC last Wednesday! I also saw Spencer and David once again haha. They didn't know what to call me....but I'm Sister Wen now! I have no first name for the next 18 months heh.

Anyway, I love you forever and ever and always and ever and for and ever.

Love, Sister Wen

P.S. Tell everyone to me because it's free and it's basically same-day delivery. I think it works for outside the MTC too? IDK, lemme know, though.

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