Sunday, January 26, 2014

Email home #1

(Sent January 25th. P-days at the MTC are Saturdays.)

This is me. Sister Wen. I got both of your Dear Elder letters. They were great, but could've been better. But I didn't get them until after I put my own letter into the mailbox....So, they might be overlapping. But, yes, first things first. MY LIFE IN THE MTC.

Today's my fourth day here so I honestly don't remember much from the first day, which is why I've pulled out my handy-dandy journal! So after you guys dropped me off at the MTC with tears in my eyes and whatnot, my host, Sister Manley (going to Russia) led me to my room and to get supplies. Everything happened SO fast. She brought me here and there and I had a bunch of things in my arms. It was cray. Then, right after, I was dropped off at my classroom where I met my companion, Sister Mills.

Sister Mills is Black and Mexican, but I like to call her Blaxican. She's from LA and she's pretty cool but still isn't used to cold weather hahah. But we're basically the same person, she and I. She's just so funny!

The first night at the MTC we began actual training! We all sat in small rooms with missionaries and collectively taught real investigators! It's interesting though b/c they're actual investigators but they're hired to work at the MTC as an's fun stuff. It was really cool, though, because we heard the stories of each investigator as to why they were suddenly looking to come unto Christ. One is a Southern woman who wondered why her childhood was so hard. She didn't know why God let her father domestically abuse her and her family. We all tried to explain to her that we go through trials to make us stronger. Trials may scar, but they shall give us experience. And if we keep an eternal perspective, we will realize that each trial will be for but a small moment.

Then the next day, we woke up at 6:30am. Yes, 6:30. And guess what? I ACTUALLY WOKE UP ON TIME. I didn't even snooze and sleep more! I woke up! It was amazing! I was so grateful because I had prayed super super hard every night that I'd be able to adjust to this mission schedule and it was a breeeeeeeeeeze. Amazing what blessings obedience to simple commandments does!

I'm loving the MTC! I really don't think I've been any closer to the Spirit. It's pretty much amazing. Though sometimes classes here feel like school and I start getting tired and stop paying attention...but I just can't wait until I can finally get out into the field and start teaching real people!


OH ALSO, guess who I bumped into at the MTC? Sister Squire!!! It was so good to see her! I didn't think I'd be able to catch her before she left for Nashville since our time here is so short, but I did! Anddddd, I saw David Mongilo and Spencer Clegg from my YSA ward this past semester at BYU! They were working there as "investigators" haha..It was so weird seeing them, but it was great seeing familiar faces.

Also, I'll add pics later when I figure out how to connect my camera and everything to the computer....



  1. I loved reading this... I will be following you every week and possibly asking you questions about your areas. I served in CDNM too so I wonder how some of the wards are doing. thanks for posting!
    Alice Lima Curd

  2. Proud of you! Miss you though.