Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Email home #3b: In Denver

(Continued from 3a: On the way to Denver)

Denver all started with finding our new car (red Subaru #OHYEAH), slipping on ice and scraping my knee (#livingontheedge), getting lost on our drive to the completely opposite end of the mission, and also realizing that Sister Hoynacki and I are actually new sister missionaries in the ward we were placed in. This means...both of us don't know our new area or ward very well.

So, our area book is completely empty and the elders in our ward already only have 2 investigators. We split up the area so that we actually ended up with NO investigators at all....We have a lot of work to do.

And it's already been hard work. Getting the 8.5 hours of sleep last night helped but I'm still very much in a daze from lack of sleep. I feel like I'm not 100% myself because I'm so tired, which might be a good thing, but still. Sleep is my biggest temptation right now.

On the other hand, the members' house we're staying at is very nice and they themselves are very hospitable. They generously fed us dinner last night but I basically said nothing because I was just SO TIRED. I couldn't keep my eyes open at all. Not even when the elders came over to explain the ward a bit. Sometimes I even pretended to be looking down at the papers they gave us just so I could get a little shut-eye. They probably noticed anyway, though....

The members' basement was renovated just for missionaries. They'd apparently been waiting for new missionaries for 5 months now! The basement has a nice little bedroom with a large closet and even a dresser. The bathroom is also really nice and so is the living room area where there's a table for us to study on.

So, so far so good! Sister H and I are going tracting tonight so we'll see how that goes! We're also visiting some members' homes and some less active members just to see how they're doing. Sister H's been out for a little over a year now so she's basically an expert at all of this. It's weird to think I'm the actual sister missionary. I used to be so intimidated by them just because of how awesomely mature and intelligent they all were. Now I'm awesomely mature and intelligent? Sorta...working on it!

But, yeah, that was my first day in Denver. Hopefully we'll find new people to teach. I pray a lot every day for guidance and help in serving this mission for Him. The work is hastening and I'm making history!

Love, Sister Wen

P.S. You have to send packages via Priority Mail or the mission office will not be able to forward the package to me.

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