Monday, February 24, 2014


Email home #5, sent Feb 24. (Also. Photos on Facebook.)

Herro famiry!

So much happened this week! Where to start!? I'll never know.

We had appointments with 2 different families (4 investigators) this week and they both cancelled on us. This week was the third time one of those families cancelled on us. It was disappointing the third time but I know that work schedules can always get in the way. Not only that, but Satan likes to annoy good people who are trying to develop an even stronger relationship with God.

BUT! On the bright side, we found 2 new investigators this week. Yes. New (#ohyeah). One of them is a high schooler whose boyfriend is an active member of the Church. The boyfriend and all his priest friends from church are apparently best buddies and whatnot. One of the other priests' girlfriend has been meeting with the elders since before Sister Hoynacki and I arrived here.

Speaking of the elders, they seem to have created some kind of competition between them and us, the sisters, as to how man investigators we can get...but we're all in this together (cue music)! But then again, it is pretty awkward every Sunday in ward council when Bishop praises us and doesn't even bat an eye for the elders....Not my fault, right?

The other new investigator is from Jamaica and her husband is from Nigeria. They have a beautiful 6 month old son who is beautiful.

Also, one of our families who we consider as our "progressing investigators" accepted the invitation to baptism! WOOHOOOO! They've always wanted a home built on a Christian background, mainly for their daughters who are 7 and 3 years old. They couldn't come to church yesterday but the 7 year-old apparently had been begging her parents to go to they dropped her off at church on Sunday. They just dropped her off and went home to run some errands! It was so funny but their daughter had an amazing time and wouldn't stop talking about it when she went home.

They provided us lunch after church. They're from India so the food was DERICIOUS. Oh my gosh. Rice and chicken curry with homemade tortillas and some kind of sauce called dal (or something like that). SO GOOD.

But, the downside of that was it was 3 in the afternoon...and we had a dinner appointment at 6. Oh, man, we were stuffed. (But totally worth it! We had Hawaiian haystacks in the evening. So good.) 

BUT, Sister H and I are working all of that off at...*drum roll please* CROSSFIT! Yes, I'm doing crossfit and it is a pain but gets me so energized. I can't believe I'm actually doing crossfit. Shout out to Sister Emily Curtis who is currently serving in London right now so she'll never see this, but she always tried to drag me to crossfit at BYU....and here I am. Doing crossfit. All I can say arms are dying.

OOH! So I've been having trouble trying to not sing non-Church related songs in my head (or out loud, obviously), so I've "spiritualized" the lyrics of a couple of songs. In other words, I'm brilliant.

To "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning" from Oklahoma!:
Oh, what a beautiful Sabbath!
Oh, what a beautiful day.
I've got the wonderful Spirit!
Everything's going His way!

AND, last but not least, to "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" from Frozen:
Do you want a Book of Mormon?
Come on, let's go and pray!
We wanna teach a little more, open that door!
It's like you've gone away!
You used to be potential, but now you're not.
We wish you would tell us why!
Do you want a Book of Mormon? (We just want you to be Mormon)
Go away, missionaries!
Okay, bye....


Some members are confused as to how I know the Frozen song until they find out I'm only 3 weeks out....It was especially fun when families would ask us how long we've been out and Sister H would say, a little over a year, when I say, a little over 3 weeks. Their reactions are priceless.

I hope all's well in CT and where ever everyone else is at.

Hugs (but no kisses) from me to you,
Sister Wen

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