Monday, January 12, 2015

Who says the blind can't see?

Sent December 22, 2014

S came to church! WAHOOO!!! We've been trying to get her to church for the past few weeks since we've been meeting with her. We always had a ride for her, but she finally came yesterday! She loved it. She enjoyed the music and the Christmas program, even though she couldn't see it. She told me that everyone's just so happy at church! Talk about that Christmas spirit!

We also taught M this week. She didn't make it to church nor did she read the Book of Mormon, but she just has so many questions that her curiosity is pushing her to read and to come to church next Sunday. Once we mentioned the fact that we have programs for her little ones, she said, "Well, now I'm really excited to come to church on Sunday." The only thing holding her back is that it starts at 9. Then, in the new year, we move a whole whopping...30 minutes! and we'll start at 9:30. But, hey, anyone will take an extra 30 minutes of sleep. I would, if I could.

We'd brought a member from our ward to our lesson with M. The member's from Samoa. When M brought up a question about everyone having to be perfect, the member talked about how everyone is welcome in the church. EVERYONE! She talked about how "we welcome all colors, Black, White, Asian, and Polynesian." I looked around the room and realized that she pointed out all the colors sitting in M's living room that very moment. M, Sister Kreissl, me, and the member, respectively #muchdiversity

M opened up a lot more in our lesson with her. The first two times we met with her, we only talked with her on her doorstep. This time, she allowed us into her home! She told us about an experience made her blind in her right eye. I thought, I should've known. Seriously, 3 of the investigators we're teaching are blind! M, in one eye, then S and Mil are both completely blind. We had no idea we were directed to teach so many who were blind!

And, yet, they see so much. They see based on their faith in Jesus Christ and who He was and who He is. They feel God's presence through His Holy Spirit. That's their confirming witness that the church they're attending, the words they're reading from the Book of Mormon, and the things that we're teaching them are true. Through that witness, they can know that Jesus Christ is the Messiah prophesied of old and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is His church restored to this Earth today. Jesus Christ was born so that we could live.

Let's celebrate! #HeIsTheGift


Sister Wen

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