Monday, January 12, 2015

The Call

Sent 1/6/15

Last Friday, I received a letter from a friend serving in Brasil. (Side note: they, along with the rest of the world, write their dates out day-month-year. Therefore, when the letter was dated 1-12-14, it actually means December 1, 2014 and not that the letter is a year late #trueAmurican). Well, my friend told me how dreadful it was training a new missionary and/or being the senior companion and noted how lucky I am to not have to do that. Well, just as I read that, the assistant to the president called our phone to extend the call to train a brand new missionary fresh from the MTC.

Welp. My stomach dropped, but I accepted the call. A call from God is not random. Each one is given to us to learn and grow; therefore, accepting a call from God is accepting the opportunity to learn and grow.

SO. I am training Sister Tui'tavake, a Tongan sister from Oregon. I guess I was just meant to be with all these Tongan sisters. Heh. But because she's Poly that means she's chill, outgoing, already prepared to share the gospel!

S came to church a third time this past Sunday! Wahooooo! We are still trying to teach her all the lessons in time for her baptismal date on February 7. She just talks a lot. We visited S just this morning and it was definitely overwhelming for Sister Tu'i to listen to all of that. What a great start!

It is 2015, a new year. Our mission has made a goal to give our all and be 100% committed to the work. And if it so be that Heavenly Father sees us acting on our faith in this way, He may grant us the blessings of reaching our goal of 1,001 baptisms this year. This is His work. He is directing it and we have the privilege of participating in it. We are all called to the work, full-time missionary or not. And every calling is an opportunity to learn and grow. How great is our calling!

I hope you all had a happy new year! Let's make 2015 a great one, shall we?

Love, Sister Wen

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