Sunday, December 21, 2014


It actually snowed yesterday. We've been lucky enough to experience 60 degree weather since probably mid-November so I guess it was bound to snow eventually. The typical conversation-starter for me:
Person: Man, this snow is crazy.
Me: Yeah, I don't like it.
Person: Aw, where are you from?
Me: Connecticut.
Person: Oh, so you're used to this weather!
Me: Nope.

During the winter, I typically don't spend my time walking around outside trying to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. So, yes, maybe I'm used to it, but I still don't enjoy it.

Last Friday was our ward's Christmas party. We invited all of the investigators and some less-active members. We'd arranged for someone to pick up the investigator who's blind (not the 95 year-old one....I guess we're just hitting up all the blind people). She wasn't home when her ride came. Then she called us a little after 7 and asked if she could still make it. That night was when I realized the sacrifices made in this Christmas season.

1) Sister J, who went to go pick up SL for the party, drove there to find no one home. She went to the party, but just as the nativity skit by the little children was going up, SL called to be picked up for the party. You could tell that Sister J was sad to miss the nativity skit, but she was optimistic anyway and picked up Selena. She sat and talked with SL while she ate.

2) SL. She's been blind since she was 24, and she's 48 now. She's taking care of her 15 year-old daughter at home who has friends who need a place to live. So SL's housing those kids, too. Not only that, but she's also housing her brother and his wife under her care. I'm telling you, super powers.

3) Sister CS, the Relief Society President. Just like any unselfish, charitable, Relief Society president, she spent the entire time during the party, warming up and serving all the food for the party. Not only that, but she prepared the food at her house starting the day before to feed about 100 people.

4) Sister H, the Ward Mission Leader's wife and a ward missionary herself as well. She was in charge of the event. She was racing back and forth trying to make sure the event was a good experience for everybody. She didn't even have time to visit with anyone.

5) Sister Kreissl, my companion. We'd planned to go to the Christmas party for an hour then go Christmas caroling with the zone, something we've been wanting to do for a while now. But, since Selena wanted to come to the Christmas Party an hour into the party, we decided to forgo the caroling and stay with Selena and help with the clean-up afterwards.

6) Last, but not at all the least, the sacrifice of my Savior, Jesus Christ. He really is the Gift of the Christmas season. Heavenly Father sent so many prophets to the Earth to warn us and to guide us, but the people just kept rejecting them. So, He finally sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to the Earth to save us from our sins. And His children decided to reject His Son as well. The sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for us is like none other. He died so that we can know there's someone out there who understands us. He died because He loves us.

In this Christmas season, please always remember the gift from our Heavenly Father this Season.

Let us celebrate together #HeIsTheGift

Sister Wen

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