Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sweeping the Nation

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My first week here in Newlin Meadows has been pretty amazing. God has blessed us so much and I am continually grateful for Him for helping us find people to teach!

So, since we are essentially starting fresh in this area, we decided to contact a bunch of people who previously investigated the church. We contacted a couple and set up appointments with both of them! So this past week, we met with D who was a former investigator. He said he didn't want the missionaries coming over previously because he had a drug addiction and didn't want to be high when missionaries were over. But now he's more than 2 months sober! (WOOHOO!) Hearing that made me so happy! Even though I'd just met him, I knew that he was already beginning to make right choices! #bestfeelingever

He said he worked on his addiction mostly because of his daughters. He didn't want them to grow up in a family with a father trapped by an addiction. He's so awesome. That's one of the best reasons to begin investigating the church because God would only give us a church that focuses so much on the family and how to strengthen the family.

We also volunteer at a life care center where we help distribute food to the residents. We have the opportunity to help them out and to talk with them as well! There's one man named J who was sitting by himself. I noticed that no one had helped him yet so I went over to talk with him. Most of the residents don't like to talk to strangers, but J was willing! After talking for a bit, he thanked me for talking with him but, frankly, I thanked him for talking with me because, as a missionary, not many people enjoy talking with us....It's hard to believe, I know. Just look at me!

But it's sad, though, because those who don't want to hear what we have to say have no idea what they're rejecting. They're rejecting a message about Christ, about how He can help you through trials, about how God loves you and how we are all His divine children, about how families can live together forever, and so much more! Seriously! The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is God's church and it holds the answers to life's questions. Where can you read about this? The Book of Mormon! Read it, if you haven't already. But don't just read it, STUDY it. Ponder it, then pray and ask Heavenly Father if the book is true, if it's really scripture from God and I promise you, you will receive an answer simply by how you feel.

In fact, it was so cute at testimony meeting on Sunday. There was a 7-year old little girl, named L, who we are teaching right now before she turns 8 and is baptized. She talked about how she went to school and she and her friend were singing a Primary song, Families Can Be Together Forever. But a girl behind her said that God isn't real and Lily said she wanted to cry. CRY! Like a 7-year old girl wanted to cry because someone didn't believe in God! Talk about testimony, am I right? Then she began to tear up as she was bearing her testimony! She said that she continued to sing because she knows that God is real and He really does love each and everyone of us.

That kind of love for everyone is just so incomprehensible, it's crazy. Like, really? He loves everyone? Cray. Serious. Cray.

Anyway, thank you all for reading my blog and writing me and loving me and whatever else there is you do for me. Thank you! I really do appreciate it!

Sister Wen

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