Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Guess what? I've been transferred! Guess where? Yeah, dat's raight. Parker, Colorado. #holla

So transfers are probably the most stressful events ever on the mission. You find out you're leaving Saturday night. You tell everyone in the ward Sunday morning. Then you cry your eyes out for the rest of the Sunday saying goodbye to families and individuals who became good friends. Oh, man. I was so tired by the end of the day.

I'm sad to be leaving K and N, too, the two super solid progressing investigators. I'll miss seeing their early progression in the gospel before their baptism on May 24. I was only able to teach K one time this past week because the other time, I was on exchanges in the Crestmoor ward, the heart of Denver. Let's just say, the people there are very much humbled. It was almost odd witnessing people who were so willing to listen to the message that we have. We usually would get a polite "No, thanks" or a simple slam of the door. But, in Denver, they recognize God's hand in their lives. They attribute all of their successes in life to God, even if there were few.

I also said goodbye to M and B this morning. M's been investigating and B, her boyfriend, is less active in the church. But I'm going to her baptism. No matter how far into the future it is. I'M GOING.

So, I'm in Parker now in probably the smallest ward geographically in the mission. A 3 mile diameter. It is also the southern-most ward in the mission so the ward boundaries are the Denver North and Colorado Springs Mission boundaries. We actually go into the Springs mission for grocery shopping. Like, what?

But I am so excited to begin the work in this ward. Apparently the sister before me would not go out to work, so Sister Billings and I basically have to rebuild the work in this ward again. It's like being swept into a ward again! Apparently the members are very missionary-minded so I'm excited to get started! In like an hour!

Sorry for the sporadic email/post. This was my mind for the past couple of days. Transfers happen so fast. Change often happens so fast, or too fast, but we have to accept that fact and make the most of what we have. If we have to start from dust again, we'll start from dust. Er--if we get to start from dust again, we'll start from dust. Yes, that's what I meant.

I'm going to miss Sister Hoynacki. She was my mom, or my trainer, essentially. We've only spent 3 months together but, then again, it was like 24/7 for 3 months. AND we've shared spiritual experiences with each other and when people share such experiences with each other, their relationship always grows even stronger. She'll probably read this post after she's off her mission in 3 months #shoutouttothefuture

But I'm excited to work with Sister Billings. She's already awesome. Because her companion wouldn't go out and work, she was placed in tri-companionships the past four weeks so she's also super excited to finally restart the work in the Newlin Meadows ward!

Okay. Sporadicness. Over.

My camera cord is downstairs in my luggage and I am way too lazy right now to get it. I promise pictures next week.

Okay. Done. For real now. LOVE YOU!

Sister Wen

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