Saturday, May 24, 2014

Miracles Do Happen!

(Sent May 19 | New photos on Facebook)

K AND N WERE BAPTIZED! I got permission to go to their baptism and, lemme tell you, the baptismal service was just PACKED with people who wanted to witness their baptism. People had to stand in the back and outside the door. I expected that, though, because it was the first baptism(s) the Parkview Ward has had in 7 years! WAHOOOOOO! #miraclesdohappen

I'll never forget their baptism. I was able to see all the members of the Parkview Ward that I'd grown so close to. Everyone was just so excited for a new addition to the Parkview family. The Spirit was so strong during the service that anyone who attended would've felt His presence.

It was a weird feeling, though, because I didn't feel any bit accomplished; I just felt happy for them. I don't think I've ever really felt that kind of happiness before. It wasn't like the feeling of finally learning how to ride a bike, nor was it like getting accepted into BYU. Really, I was just happy they were making the decision to be baptized. They've been ready for a long time. Sister Hoynacki and I just happened to be the missionaries who taught them.

After they both immersed into the water and rose in symbolism of their spiritual rebirth, I went to the dressing room to congratulate them. Sister Hoynacki was there and she asked K and N how they felt. N, being 11, said, "Good," and her mother said, "Clean! Fresh! New!" And it was true! She was then a new person! She was able to put her past mistakes behind her. All that guilt washed away! In entering the waters of baptism, she officially made the covenant, the promise, with God that she will take upon herself the name of Christ, that she will always remember Him, and that she will keep His commandments.

All in all, it was a very humbling experience.

I testify that miracles do happen every single day in all of our lives as long as we have faith and as long as we act upon that faith by continually progressing in our commitment to God.


Sister Wen

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