Wednesday, May 28, 2014

"Some people think I don't know a butt-load of crap about the gospel, but I dooooo"

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So that quote from the prominent film of "Nacho Libre" is essentially the story of my life right now. Let me tell you why:

There are three particular individuals that Sister Billings and I ran into last week. Each of them are different scenarios of simply being a missionary.

Situation 1: G is a Catholic who doesn't agree with everything in the Catholic Church but still asserts that he is Catholic. We had an appointment set up and we brought a member with us to teach him. He ended up directing the entire conversation with a lot of what's called "anti-Mormon" material that he read off the Interwebz. He kept talking and professing about what he thinks we believe, most of which were untrue. We were glad that we brought a member with us who's had the same exact questions G has now before she joined the Church. Every doctrine we taught G, he would shut down. Even about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints being the one true church on Earth.

There's a talk, by the way, called "17 Points of the True Church" where a group of friends with diverse religious backgrounds - from Christianity to atheism to Islam - gathered together to read the Bible and come up with different key doctrines that Christ taught when He established His church here on Earth. Therefore, the one true church here on Earth must contain all of these 17 points that made up Christ's church. Do they happen to be in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? IDK. They just might. Find out at and!

Situation 2: J was moving some things from his garage when we went up to talk to him. We offered to say a prayer with him, but he turned down the offer and, instead, began telling us what we believe. He kept talking and professing about what he thinks we believe, most of which were untrue. I still didn't quite understand what he was trying to say, though, because we agreed with a few of the doctrine he was talking about. I compared his lecture to an essay without a thesis, because I had no idea where he was going with his argument.

Situation 3: K was working on her garden. We offered to help and offered to say a prayer and she declined. She wanted to, instead, ask us questions about the church. I was pretty excited since we'd gone the whole day talking to just one other person. Buuuuut, she ended up talking and professing about what she thinks we believe, most of which were untrue. She said some pretty condescending and hurtful things about us (missionaries) and the church. I felt a little overwhelmed after our conversation.

All three of these conversations (or monologues, really, because they did most of the talking), I always began to say something in response, but ultimately was restrained to say anything. Not only because they all talked so much, but because I knew that nothing I said would be able to change their hearts. So every jab or ridicule that was thrown at us, we just had to take it and say nothing in return. I knew that if any of us said any more, we would've come off as harsh and it might've even ruined the reputation of all missionaries 5evah.

Yet, all three of these conversations ended with them talking about how much they "love Mormons" because of how kind they are and how they will always trust their kids to play with a Mormon family...etc. #mormonlove

Have you ever wondered why, though? Why Mormons seem to be so nice and friendly and family-oriented? I have, at least. It's all because of the doctrine in the gospel of Jesus Christ. It's all laid out in the Bible and in the Book of Mormon. The answers are already here! Partake of it!

I love the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints because of the full truth that it teaches. All these experiences I have will only be for the better because no other church in the world receives so much persecution and ridicule than this church. And if I have to receive that for the sake of Christ's church, then I'll do it only because I know it's true. There's just no denying that.

Well, I hope you all receive peace and joy and a good 'ol juicy barbecued chicken, especially on this Memorial Day, to remember those who've fought for this beautiful country.

Sister Wen

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