Saturday, June 13, 2015

Humility is the key to success

Sent 6/8/2015

Last week, I hit the typical missionary's breaking point of calling investigators and missionaries to repentance. It was great! The Lord brought me down to the depths of humility and practically chastised me for fighting against aligning my will with His. It will always be a struggle within me, but that means I need to repent by thrusting in prayer and scripture study. I learned that doing so is literally all Enos talks about in the Book of Mormon!

But the Lord blessed us greatly this week. I felt like I was in South America teaching every hour of every day!

A couple of weeks ago, we knew that once we showed God that we were committed to teaching people who will progress and not just waste time, He would bless us. So, we had to drop an investigator who's wasn't progressing. We invited him continuously to read the Book of Mormon and to pray to know that it is true. He never did pray. We told him that we would not be able to continue to visit him if he still chose to not pray about it. And he still didn't. We had a heart-breaking lesson as we told him we could not visit him anymore. (Yes, I even cried.)

The funny thing is, he still comes to church! :D

After that, we weren't seeing anything. Most of the investigators we were teaching were not progressing. We were struggling finding people to teach until this past week happened....We found 8 new investigators (one of them for the YSA ward) and they all invited us back to learn more! I'm humbled once again for being able to teach so many people! (The investigator for the YSA ward even showed up at church yesterday AND bore his testimony!)

The greatest miracle that happened, though, was O, the investigator from Ghana. He's been investigating for about a year, but he hadn't come to church since January. We met with him. We asked him, "O, do you believe that the church of Jesus Christ has been restored through His prophet Joseph Smith today?"

He paused and said, "Yes, I do. I need to be baptized."

He now has Saturdays and SUNDAYS off from work! He said, "So, now I have no excuse to not go to church!" So, guess where he went yesterday? CHURCH! He was very happy and loved how everyone greeted him and knew his name. What a humble man.

The mission is so humbling.

Sister Wen

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