Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A Missionary's Energy Source

Sent 5/18/2015

Phooie. Church was cancelled on Mother's Day so we didn't get to take the sacrament. I didn't realize how much of a energy booster the sacrament was until that happened. It was so bizarre.

But, even in the midst of all the mishaps and flakiness, whenever we show Heavenly Father that we're willing to push through, miracles happen all the time.

We begin with a former investigator who learned from missionaries from last Fall. He texted us and said, "Hey"

We said, "Hey how are you?"

"Am I texting the right number"

"That depends who you want to contact. This is the sister missionaries."

"Then yes I have the right number. How are things for you guys"

"Things are going so well, how about for you?"

"I just got out Monday I've got some things to figure out but I should be fine"

So he probably thought we were the same missionaries that were here last Fall. So we set up a time to see him and he was surprised to see a Brit and an Asian standing on his doorstep. He was tall, had broad shoulders, dragged his feet across the floor (most likely a little hungover). But! He was just absorbing everything we were teaching him. Afterwards, we asked him how old he was.


Ohhhh. YSA. We had to pass him off to the missionaries in the Young Single Adult ward so he could get better fellowshipping and be more involved in activities to pull him away from his past habits. That's one thing I've learned about getting rid of bad habits. They have to be replaced with good habits.

Then later in the week, J texted us! After 3 weeks of little to no contact, she texted us and said, "Hey my mom said it's okay for you guys to come tonight at 7, is that okay for you guys?"

Aw heck yeah it was okay! We had a Relief Society activity that night so we were frantically trying to set up a split with members. Turns out, everyone we invited said they wouldn't be able to make it.

We show up at J's with one of the young women (who ended up being the perfect fellowshipper) and were able to just talk with her. Turns out she really is concerned about going to church by herself, without her mom and her brother. But she told us her aunt comforted her by telling her how she went to church by herself for years until she got married. It gave her a boost and motivated her to continue on even without her family there.

Man, I can't even imagine the courage of some teenagers out there. Who knows if I would've done that when I was 16!

It was good to end the week and begin a new week, but this time we were able to take the sacrament: a missionary's energy source.

Sister Wen

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