Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Raking in tumbleweeds, raking in blessings

Sent 4/6/2015

EASTER. I love Easter. It's a day where all Christians around the world celebrate the event of one Man, who made it possible for us to be saved, for us to live again, and for us to be perfected in Him. How cool is that? Even cooler, though, was being able to watch the prophet and the Twelve Apostles. If you haven't watched it yet or missed it, watch it here! And listen for the inspiration and guidance God is giving us in these latter days.

The other day, we saw a tumbleweed. The only time I have ever seen tumbleweed has been since I've been here in CO. I consider it a wonder of the world. Anyway, since Sister Reynolds had never seen a tumbleweed before, even after being in CO for 16 months, we had to take a picture. Welp, as she ran out behind it, we saw a lady sitting outside on her porch smoking a cigarette. After taking the picture, we ran up to her and she asked,

"What are you ladies doing today?"

"Taking a picture with tumbleweed."

Then, as the great missionaries we are, we brought up the #BecauseHeLives video. As she was pulling it up on her phone, her phone died. Luckily, I had it recorded on my camera so we watched it with her. She loved it. TURNS OUT, she'd driven by the new church building many times and always thought I need to go inside that building and I need to go to a church again. Miracle. We invited her to learn more and she happily accepted!

The field is white already to harvest and we are finding the wheat (not the tares)!

Sister Wen

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